Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: Everything You Need to Know

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are essential for enjoying music without worrying about water damage, whether you're at the pool, beach, or on a boat. This guide will help you understand IP code, how to care for your speaker, and answer common questions about using waterproof Bluetooth speakers in various environments. 

How do I know if my Bluetooth speaker is waterproof?

To determine if a Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, check the IP code provided by the manufacturer. This code is usually found on the packaging, product description, or user manual, such as IPX6, IPX7, or IPX8. The IP code standard is designed to provide users with detailed information about water and dust resistance. Here’s how to interpret the IP code.


The first digit indicates the solid protection level.


Protection against


Unknown. X indicates that there is no available data to specify the protection level for that standard.


Unable to completely prevent dust, but any dust that enters will not affect the device's operation.


Dust cannot enter.

The second digit indicates the liquid protection level. Please note that a higher rating does not necessarily mean it covers the protection capabilities of a lower rating, as they undergo independent testing.


Protection against

Test duration






10 minutes


Resistant to low-pressure water jets

3 minutes


Resistant to high-pressure water jets

3 minutes


Submersible up to 1m

30 minutes


Submersible beyond 1m

1 hour

For example, a speaker rated IPX4 indicates it is splashproof. A speaker with an IP67 rating means it is completely dustproof and can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Are waterproof speakers really waterproof?

Waterproof speakers are designed to resist water to a certain extent, as specified by their IP rating. While they can withstand splashes, rain, and even submersion to specific depths for certain durations, they are not entirely impervious to all water exposure conditions.

How are bluetooth speaker waterproof ?

Bluetooth speakers can be waterproof due to specific design features and materials that protect the internal components from water damage. Here's how it works:

Sealed Enclosures: The speaker's housing is designed to be tightly sealed to prevent water from entering. This often involves using rubber gaskets and seals around joints and seams.

Water-Resistant Materials: The materials used for the exterior of the speaker are water-resistant, meaning they repel water rather than absorb it.

Covered Ports: Any ports or openings, such as charging ports or auxiliary inputs, are covered with waterproof caps or flaps to prevent water ingress.

Waterproof Coatings: Internal components, such as the circuit board and speaker drivers, may be coated with a waterproof or water-resistant coating to protect them from moisture.

These features combined ensure that a Bluetooth speaker can be used in wet conditions without being damaged.

Can I use a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the shower?

Yes, if a waterproof Bluetooth speaker has appropriate IP ratings such as IPX6 or IPX7, you can use it in the shower. These ratings ensure the speaker can withstand splashes and brief immersion in water. However, it's important to regularly maintain your speaker by allowing it to fully dry after each shower, performing regular cleaning, checking the seals covering ports, and charging it regularly to prolong its lifespan.

Do waterproof speakers work underwater?

IPX7 and IPX8 waterproof speakers can be submerged underwater, but they cannot play music via Bluetooth because water interferes with Bluetooth connections. For underwater use, you can use wired waterproof speakers or those that support memory cards, as they do not rely on Bluetooth connectivity.

Can I put my speaker in the pool?

You can place a waterproof speaker in the pool if it has a high IP rating, like IPX7 or IPX8. However, prolonged submersion and exposure to pool chemicals can potentially affect its durability and performance over time. It is recommended to rinse the speaker with fresh water and thoroughly dry it after use.

My speaker is waterproof, but what about salt or chlorine water?

Saltwater and chlorinated water can be more corrosive than freshwater. While a waterproof speaker can handle occasional splashes, prolonged exposure to salt or chlorine water can damage the speaker. It's advisable to rinse the speaker with freshwater and dry it thoroughly after exposure to these conditions.

Can outdoor waterproof speakers get rained on?

Yes, waterproof speakers can handle being rained on, especially those with ratings of IPX5 or higher. These ratings indicate the speaker can withstand water jets and splashes, making them suitable for outdoor use in the rain.

What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant speakers?

Waterproof speakers are designed to withstand submersion in water to a specific depth and duration, as indicated by their IP rating. Water-resistant speakers can resist water splashes and light rain but are not designed to be submerged or exposed to significant amounts of water.

What waterproof Bluetooth speaker to use on a boat?

For use on a boat, consider Bluetooth speakers with an IPX7 or IPX8 rating to handle splashes, rain, and potential submersion. You can also opt for waterproof speakers with an additional floating feature, designed to remain buoyant if accidentally dropped into water.

How to care if a speaker gets wet?

If your speaker gets wet and it's not waterproof, please immediately power it off and gently dry the exterior with a soft cloth. Remove any moisture from ports using a dry cloth or compressed air, and then let the speaker air dry in a well-ventilated area for 24-48 hours. Avoid using heat sources to dry it. Once dry, test the speaker to ensure it works properly before attempting to use it again. If issues persist, contact the manufacturer or seek professional assistance for further evaluation.

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